Root Canals, Crowns & Bridges
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Root Canal Therapy

Teeth do a big job every day that, over time, leaves them weakened, compromised and damaged by decay and stress. If the nerve or pulp of a tooth becomes infected or abscessed, a root canal may be necessary to save that tooth. To preserve the natural tooth as long as possible and fully restore tooth functionality a skilled dentist performs a root canal followed by placement of a dental crown.

The only option to having a root canal is to lose the tooth to extraction, which involves yet more options and procedures for replacement of the lost tooth and preservation of appearance and function.


Built specifically to enclose a damaged tooth, the crown fits over and becomes the new surface of that tooth. Dr. Rezaiyan, a porcelain crown expert, excels in the art of quality crown build-up and the careful matching of tooth color and natural appearance for each custom-crown he creates.


A permanent bridge is designed to replace missing teeth. It does three important things:

  1. Acts as a barrier to stop teeth from slowly drifting into the space created by missing teeth.
  2. Helps preserve the proper function of the jaw joint and secure a normal bite.
  3. Cemented to the teeth in front of and behind the missing tooth space, the natural teeth provide a stable support for a Permanent Bridge and allow for the natural appearance of your rejuvenated smile.
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