How an Affordable Dentist near Takoma Park, MD Improves Checkups

People are more apt to skip dental checkups or any other type of health care because of the cost. Health insurance seems to do a better job at protecting customers from a financial hardship than dental insurance. Finding an affordable dentist near Takoma Park, MD can improve your family’s dental checkups because these dentists help you any way they can to offer you an easier, simpler way of paying for dental care so that you will continue to come to all your checkups or other treatments. Affordable dentists near Takoma Park, MD offer diverse payment methods to provide you with the best dental care possible.

Most private dental insurance offers annual maximum benefit limits and coinsurance which is the patient’s cost of the covered services. By having maximum benefit limits, so many patients who need extensive dental care will only take care of what their dental insurance will pay for in that year. By the next year, the cost of the treatment may go up or the severity of the dental problem may increase which may raise the cost even more.

Private dental insurance still benefits most patients because it does cover preventive services often with no out-of-pocket cost. Most people who have private dental insurance tend to take advantage of dental care whereas those who have no insurance tend to skip their checkups. This only allows your oral health to progressively get worse.

Affordable dentists near Takoma Park, MD offer an affordable in-house dental plan for you and for your family with a wealth of benefits for each family member including:

  • No annual maximum
  • No deductible
  • No limitations or pre-existing condition

The affordable dentist near Takoma Park, MD who offers this affordable in-house dental plan requires no claims to submit, no preauthorization and there is no waiting period before you can schedule your treatment as some private dental insurance require.

This affordable dental plan offered by an affordable dentist near Takoma Park, MD covers these procedures at a 100%:

  • Comprehensive new patient dental exam
  • Two routine annual dental exams
  • Two sets of bitewing x-rays per year
  • Other x-rays as needed
  • Two emergency exams as needed

If you have been putting off going to the dentist, find an affordable dentist near Takoma Park, MD and find out what financial services they offer for oral dental care.




New Patient Offer

Free Exam & X-Ray with
$83 Initial Cleaning ($300 Value)

New Patients Only. Valid only on first visit only. Not valid for patients with periodontal disease.