How to Locate a Great Local Dentist in Silver Spring, MD

Anyone who has recently moved to Silver Spring, MD will most likely try to locate a great local dentist. If you are one of them who has recently moved into the area of Silver Spring, MD or are getting ready to move to the area and are looking for a local dentist there are a few things you should consider.

  1. Ask your current dentist before you move if he or she knows of any great local dentists in Silver Spring, MD and could they recommend one.
  2. A great local dentist will be interested in more than just your teeth. A dentist should be concerned about the connection of your oral health in relation to the rest of the body. When you first go to a dentist in Silver Spring, VA, such as Dr. Rezaiyan at Spring Dental Associates, you will be asked about your health history and possibly your family’s history as well. This is so your dentist knows what health issues you have that might affect your oral health.
  3. Don’t stay with a dentist who just tells you, “you have a cavity; you need an appointment to come back.” The condition of the tooth should be explained to you and the necessary procedure that it will entail to fix the tooth. The right dentist should also explain to you any problems in your mouth that might possibly increase your chances of heart disease, dementia, and diabetes.
  4. It might be quite possible that your insurance requires you to see certain local dentists in Silver Spring, MD. You should maybe check with your insurance company first to know which local dentists accept your insurance. It might make locating the perfect dentist a little bit easier.
  5. Ask for a few recommendations for local dentists in Silver Spring, MD from friends, family, or co-workers. Google these recommendations and look at the reviews about these local dentists referrals. These reviews should personally relate to a story of their experience with the dentist.
  6. Ask to interview the candidate you chose for your local dentist and his staff. Explain to them why and see how they react to your request.
  7. Go to the office. After your first visit ask yourself:
    • Did the dentist explain everything to me so that I understood?
    • Did my dentist wear loupes (surgical telescopes)? No dentist should be without them because they magnify the area of the mouth they are working in.
    • Did I feel comfortable? Your instincts should tell you rather you want to go back or find another local dentist in Silver Spring, MD.

Dr. Razaiyan is a general dentist practicing in Silver Spring, MD at Spring Dental Associates. His practice is dedicated to providing patients with the latest advances in dental technology. Dr. Razaiyan and his team at Spring Dental Associates are devoted to dental excellence for their patients.




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