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Dental patients should never ignore recommendations for a dentist appointment with Dr. Rezaiyan at Spring Dental Associates in Silver Spring, MD that is essential to their dental health. They also need to be responsible for their your own oral health and ask questions, “why is this procedure necessary and is there another alternative?” Hopefully, cheaper or less invasive.

When to ask,” Is this dentist appointment necessary or is there an alternative treatment available?”

Root Scaling is a dental deep cleaning treatment to remove plaque and infected tooth structure below the gums.

  • Is it necessary? During your dentist appointment in Silver Spring, MD, X-rays that show bone loss and a full-mouth exam that indicates one or more gum pockets are greater than 4 millimeters deep, a deep cleaning is recommended but only for the affected areas to avoid healthy gums from losing their natural attachment to teeth.
  • Is there an alternative treatment available? A deep cleaning is best when you have severe gum disease. Sometimes several dentist appointments will be required for these treatments in Silver Spring, MD.

Replacement Fillings are materials used to replace decayed tooth enamel.

  • Is it necessary? If your tooth is damaged by a cavity or misuse such as tooth grinding, a filling should be replaced or restored if it is deteriorating or is detached from the tooth enamel. It is not necessary when you have a stable amalgam filling just because it contains minuscule amounts of mercury. The only time you become exposed to mercury is during the dentist appointment in Silver Spring, MD when the tooth filling is replaced or removed.
  • Is there an alternative treatment available? It depends on the condition of the tooth and its location which could include a crown or composite material.

Crown is a cap shaped like a tooth placed over a tooth.

  • Is it necessary? If a tooth is cracked, broken, or is in danger of breaking because of a large filling, it is highly recommended. Also for a tooth that has had a root canal and is decaying.
  • Is there an alternative treatment available? A tooth-colored composite resin may be used as an alternative, but it is not as strong as a crown and might not be as reliable; like if the exterior wall of a tooth is gone

Root Canal is a procedure to remove the nerve and pulp inside a tooth.

  • Is it necessary? If the tooth’s nerve or pulp is damaged bad enough that it allows bacteria to form, it can cause an infection.
  • Is there an alternative treatment available? Sometimes when patients bite down hard, it can mimic nerve problems. Sometimes all that is needed is the adjust the bite at a dentist appointment in Silver Spring, MD.

Always ask your dentist, Dr. Rezaiyan, at Spring Dental Associates in Silver Spring, MD the reason for a procedure, if it is necessary and if there is an alternative treatment available. Sometimes if you don’t make a dentist appointment for necessary procedures in Silver Spring, MD, you take a chance on losing a tooth that could otherwise be saved.




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