Why a Tooth Implant is Best for a Tooth Replacement in Silver Spring, MD

Whenever patients in Silver Spring, MD lose a tooth, a replacement should be put in place, and the best option is a tooth implant from Dr. Rezaiyan at Spring Dental Associates. If the empty tooth space is not replaced, your other remaining teeth will move from chewing, clenching or just overall wear and tear on your other teeth.

If you start losing even more teeth and are forced to chew in a different area of your mouth, it can lead to tooth fractures by overloading teeth that are continually used to chew foods. This can cause excessive wear on other teeth and quite possibly cause TMJ problems. Although there are other alternatives to a tooth implant when replacing a missing tooth by your dentist in Silver Spring, MD, you will undergo bone loss if a tooth is not replaced by an implant.

Once a tooth is lost, bone loss will begin, and the teeth on each side of the space will start to shift into the empty space. If a tooth is above or below the missing tooth, that tooth could erupt because there is nothing to prevent the tooth from coming out of the gum tissue.

Although you might not notice the difference in teeth shifting for several years, a tooth implant from your dentist in Silver Spring, MD will hold the other teeth in place. The sooner your Silver Spring, MD dentist replaces the missing tooth with a tooth implant, the better for you and your oral health.

What happens when you lose a tooth?

  • It causes severe loss of bone.
  • The face will collapse because of the bone or soft tissue soft loss due to the missing tooth.
  • Shifting and splaying of healthy teeth causing bite to collapse.
  • Replacing a missing tooth with a tooth implant from your Silver Spring, MD dentist shortly after the fact can minimize the procedures and cost of treatments. Once bone loss occurs, you might need bone grafts to prepare your gums to handle the tooth implant. This will involve additional procedures to add new bone and additional costs.

    By having Dr. Rezaiyan at Spring Dental Associates in Silver Spring, MD replace a missing tooth with a tooth implant as soon as possible, the bone is stimulated and maintained. Less bone loss makes you a better candidate for a tooth implant. Call Spring Dental Associates in Silver Spring, MD and set up a consultation to discuss your options for a tooth implant with Dr. Rezaiyan.




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