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FAQs About Adult Braces in Silver Spring, MD

Am I too old for braces?

You’re never too old for orthodontics, the official word for braces. Your teeth, gums and tissues are basically the same, whether you are an adult or a child. Whatever your age, braces can help with alignment, overbite and crooked teeth.

It’s true that they are traditionally a rite of passage for those of middle school age. But modern dental technology has increased the options available to adults. Adult braces in Silver Springs, MD, are quite common.

How long do adult braces take to work?

This varies from one patient to the next, depending on what you want corrected and how serious the condition is. If your goal is to reduce the space in front, it will usually take just a few months. But if you need a major realignment, it can take two years or so.

As a general rule, any condition takes 10 to 20 percent longer to fix when the patient is an adult. That’s because an adult has a denser bone structure, which is more firmly set, than a child’s.

How much difference can adult braces make in my appearance?

Adult braces in Silver Springs, MD, can make dramatic changes in the look of your teeth, smile and profile. Fixing an overbite, underbite or crooked teeth can make a person look years younger.

Many patients who get adult braces say it has provided a major boost to their self-confidence. For this alone, they say it is worth the time and money. Ask the dentist for before and after pictures of other patients to get an idea.

How do adult braces work? How do they straighten my teeth?

Slight, consistent pressure applied to teeth causes them to move. The adult braces used to apply the pressure vary, from standard wire braces to newer, clear plastic models.

Your teeth are attached to a membrane, which is enclosed by bone. When the brace applies pressure, it compressed the membrane on one side and stretches it on the other. This gently makes the bone dissolve on the compressed side and rebuild on the stretched side.

Do adult braces hurt?

Adult braces in Silver Springs, MD, require a series of adjustments by the dentist. With each new adjustment, there can be minor pain, which decreases as the treatment continues.

I work for a living. I don’t want to look strange.

Modern alternatives for adult braces in Silver Springs, MD, are hard to detect. Some are clear, others are concealed within the mouth. Your dentist can explain the options. Be assured that you have choices other than the standard wire braces that are commonly used on children.

From 15 to 30 percent of all patients who get braces are adults. You have lots of company.

With braces, how often do I need to go to the dentist?

You will need to come in on a regular basis throughout the treatment. Appointments can be spaced anywhere from two weeks to several weeks, depending on your particular situation. You will need to come in more often at the beginning of your treatment.





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