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An Affordable Dentist in Silver Spring, MD

The American Dental Association recommends seeing a licensed practicing dentist twice a year. This helps to ensure a beautiful and healthy smile. Unfortunately regular visits to the dentist can be expensive, and many people choose to wait until there is a noticeable problem. Not only does this affect their oral health, but also their wallets when they get the bill for the procedure. Thankfully there is an affordable dentist in Silver Spring, MD so residents can stay on top of their oral health.

Spring Dental Associates is committed to providing all of their patients with the same excellent service that they give to their families. The highly trained professionals led by Dr. Rezaiyan are ready to meet all of their patients’ dental needs. Using the latest cutting edge technology combined with practical education, they are more than capable of providing the best dental care in the Silver Spring area.

Affordable Dental Plans in Silver Spring, MD

The staff at Spring Dental Associates understands that in today’s economy it is not easy for many people to afford oral health care. This is why they offer budget friendly dental plans to their uninsured patients. These plans are not only affordable, they come with plenty of benefits so everyone can enjoy good oral health. The associates firmly believe that quality oral health care should be available for all Silver Spring residents.

With four plans to choose from residents can find the right one for themselves and their families. Spring Dental Associates even allows patients to add to the plan as their family grows. These in-house insurance plans are just one more way they show their commitment to being the best affordable dentist in the Silver Spring, MD area.

Some of the savings patients can enjoy from one of these plans include,

  • Little to no out of pocket expense benefits
  • 2 yearly routine dental exams
  • X-rays (as needed)
  • Discounts on dental procedures

With access to an affordable dentist in Silver Spring, MD residents can smile with confidence. Toothaches, missing teeth and other oral health problems can be resolved, often with little to no out of pocket expense to the patient. When people feel good about their smile, their life always seems to be just a little bit better.

A person’s oral health can affect their overall well-being. Avoiding regular trips to the dentist due to the expense is a common problem, but Spring Dental Associates is dedicated to changing this. Thanks to their in-house insurance plans residents now have an affordable dentist to visit in Silver Spring, MD. Whether it is for preventative care, dental implants, teeth whitening or even emergency service, Dr. Rezaiyan and his team are ready to help. It only takes one phone call to schedule an appointment, and be on the road to good oral health.





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