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Cosmetic Dentistry in Silver Spring, MD

Sometimes teeth need a little help to look their best, and function properly. Overtime they can become chipped and cracked or in some cases the root of the tooth can become exposed due to receding gums. When this occurs it might be time to consider the benefits of cosmetic dentistry and Silver Spring, MD residents know just where to go. Spring Dental Associates is committed to serving the community, and this means meeting all of their oral health needs.

Silver Spring, MD's Most Comprehensive Cosmetic Dentist

Spring Dental Associates strives to provide the same high level of personal service to their patients that they show to their families. They believe that a warm and inviting space makes it easier for patients to relax, and this can make the experience more pleasant for everyone. The team at Spring Dental Associates also believes that when patients are made to feel comfortable they are more likely to return for their important follow up visits. Whether it is an x-ray, filling, 6 month preventative cleaning or extensive cosmetic dentistry Silver Spring, MD residents can rest assured that they are getting the best service possible.

Led by Dr. Nima Rezaiyan, the staff at Spring Dental Associates is committed to offering the best in cosmetic dentistry to their Silver Spring, MD patients. They are dedicated to staying current with new technologies and materials, and are skilled at performing the latest dental procedures. This also makes them uniquely qualified to diagnose a problem and find a solution that provides the most favorable results for their patients. To make the entire process a little easier the office manager will even help patients with their insurance and schedule their next appointment. It is this attention to the little details, along with their knowledge and experience that has made Spring Dental Associates the premier dentistry office in the area.

Cosmetic dentistry procedures that are common in Silver Spring, MD often include,

  • Repairs to chipped or cracked teeth
  • Composite resin filling for cavities
  • Adjusting the shape of a tooth
  • Protect exposed tooth roots

There are two main types of cosmetic dentistry procedures, and Dr. Rezaiyan and his team are familiar with both. Bonding adds a composite material that can change the shape of the tooth or fill in a large cavity. It can also be an effective way to protect exposed tooth roots, a common problem in patients with receding gums. If a sealant is needed to give their patients a smooth, white smile, Spring Dental Associates is also experienced with this cosmetic procedure.

With a dedication to their patients and community that is hard to find elsewhere Spring Dental Associates has garnered the trust and loyalty of its patients, and they look forward to continuing this tradition of excellence.





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