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Dental Cleanings in Takoma Park, MD

A regular dental cleaning in Takoma Park, MD, can help a person keep her natural teeth for a lifetime of good chewing and attractive smiling. During the cleaning, a highly trained dental hygienist gets rid of buildup that leads to cavities. She also examines the teeth, looking for signs of gum disease.

Preventive Maintenance for Teeth

A car needs regular tune-ups and scheduled maintenance in order to keep running smoothly. The same is true of a person’s teeth. That’s what a regular check up is. And one of the most essential parts of the checkup is the dental cleaning in Takoma Park, MD.

When the hygienist cleans a person’s teeth, she uses special instruments like the scaler. This lets her scrape off tartar that leads to cavities. The tartar is actually plaque that has hardened over time.

When a person brushes daily, he can remove much of the plaque. But the spots that are left will eventually become tartar. The only way to get rid of it is with a professional cleaning. It is so hard and bonded to the tooth that specialized instruments are needed to take it off.

The hygienist removes plaque and tartar above and below the gum line. This gives her a chance to check for redness and signs of swelling, early signs of gum disease. By getting rid of the deep tartar, she can prevent further swelling and inflammation.

Gum disease in its early stages is easy to cure. It requires regular professional cleaning and daily brushing and flossing. But if it is left untended, it can lead to gingivitis, a serious health condition that can lead to tooth loss and illness.

Keeping Teeth Healthy for a Lifetime

People often don’t realize how little effort it takes for good oral health. It starts with daily brushing and flossing, which gets rid of plaque and debris on the teeth.

The next essential is twice-a-year check ups, which include a professional dental cleaning in Takoma Park, MD, by a skilled hygienist. She is a professional who knows how to get rid of tartar, check for signs of gum disease and clean teeth so they are smooth and shiny.

Cleaned teeth are also more attractive. The process of cleaning gets rid of not just tartar, but also many stains. Teeth that are cleaned twice a year are whiter, smoother and brighter.

Trust Experience

The dental hygienists, dentist and staff at Spring Dental Associates are experienced professionals. They know how to spot problems early, before they cause major problems for a patient’s teeth and general health.

Spring Dental Associates is a full-service dental office, offering:

  • Dental check ups, including dental cleaning
  • Emergency care
  • Preventive care
  • Cosmetic dentistry

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