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Dental Implants in Silver Spring, MD

Teeth are important for more than just chewing. They also affect a person’s appearance, self-esteem and even ability to pronounce some words clearly when one or more is missing. When missing teeth need to be replaced many people are choosing dental implants and Silver Spring, MD residents know just where to go.

Spring Dental Associates is dedicated to providing their patients with the same level of care that they show to their families. They are committed to serving their community, and this means meeting all of their patients’ dental needs. They highly trained professionals are skilled at a variety of dental procedures and continue to stay current with the latest technologies and materials. This desire to continually grow and improve has helped make them one of the premier dental offices in the area.

Silver Spring, MD Dental Implants in Comfort

Headed by Dr. Nima Rezaiyan, Spring Dental Associates strives to create a warm and inviting atmosphere for their patients. They passionately believe that this helps to reduce stress and anxiety in their patients, and leads to a more pleasant experience. When patients are comfortable and relaxed the staff has found that the dental implant procedure goes smoothly for their Silver Spring, MD clients, and this is beneficial for everyone. When the visit to the dentist goes well, patients are more likely to return regularly for the important 6 month checkups.

When a tooth is missing it can cause the remaining teeth to deteriorate. This can lead to more missing teeth, but this can be easily avoided with dental implants by a qualified Silver Spring, MD dentist. The implant mimics the structure of the missing tooth and provides needed support. It can also reduce some of the wear and tear that is occurring with the remaining teeth. Best of all, dental implants can give Silver Spring, MD residents their self-esteem and confidence back.

Some of the advantages associated with dental implants include,

  • Strong
  • Natural looking
  • Immune to cavities
  • Won’t become discolored

Unlike dentures which can move around, dental implants will stay securely in place. Chewing favorite foods won’t be a problem, even hard raw carrots and apples. The latest materials used to create the permanent replacements ensure that they look and feel natural, and will last for years. When it is time to consider dental replacements the staff at Spring Dental Associates is ready to answer any questions their patients might have, and schedule their next appointment.

Dedicated to providing high quality service and skilled at the latest procedures, Spring Dental Associates is more than qualified to meet the oral health needs of their patients. Whether it is replacing one tooth or several they can restore their patient’s beautiful smile, and their self-confidence.





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