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Finding a dental practice in Takoma Park, MD is important, and easier than residents think. While there are several aspects to consider when choosing a dentist, there is one practice that offers everything their patients need to protect their oral health. Spring Dental Associates combines the best in care and service, and they know that their clients have plenty of concerns. This is why they have put together this brief list of their patients most frequently asked questions.

1. Should the dental practice in Takoma Park, MD be experienced?

Spring Dental Associates has the knowledge and experience needed to ensure their patients enjoy a lifetime of good oral health. Dr. Rezaiyan and his staff are committed to providing their clients with the same quality care they give their families. The combination of education, quality training and familiarity with the latest in cutting-edge technologies allow Spring Dental Associates to meet all their patients’ oral health needs.

2. What services should a dental practice offer Takoma Park, MD residents?

A dental office should be able to provide all the services needed to keep teeth and gums healthy. This won’t be a problem at Spring Dental Associates. Some of the services they are pleased to be able to provide for their clients include preventive care, implants and teeth whitening. Their state of the art equipment helps to ensure that a potential problem won’t be missed, and they are more than capable of determining the right diagnosis and treatment plan. Spring Dental Associates is also available for emergency oral health services.

3. Is insurance accepted or offered at the dental office?

Oral health care can be expensive, especially for patients without insurance. Not does Spring Dental Associates work with most major insurance companies, they also offer in-house financing. They firmly believe that everyone is entitled to high quality dental care, and their affordable insurance plans are designed to meet patients’ unique needs. Whether it is for an individual, couple or family of three, clients will be able to find the right plan for them.

4. Are the office hours convenient?

One reason residents often find it difficult to keep up with their oral health, is finding time to visit a dental practice in Takoma Park, MD. Spring Dental Associates understand that their patients lead busy lives, and have office hours designed to be convenient. Along with their regular office hours during the week, Spring Dental Associates is also available for emergency care. Simply schedule an appointment before 4 p.m. and patients can see a dentist on the same day. To ensure that their patients always have the care they need, an emergency dentist is also available on Saturdays. It is this commitment to their patients that has helped make Spring Dental Associates one of the premier dentistry offices in the area.





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