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Residents want several things when they are looking for a dentist office in Silver Springs, MD. Thankfully there is one that is able to provide their patients with everything they need, including state of the art care. Spring Dental Associates is proud to be able to provide cutting edge oral health care, at an affordable price for all of their patients. Whether it is a routine cleaning, cosmetic dentistry or a restorative procedure, Dr. Rezaiyan and his staff have the skill and experience their patients have come to depend on.

Some of the reasons this dentist office in Silver Springs, MD is the first choice for many residents include the following.

Is it Affordable?

Spring Dental Associates works with all major insurance and financing plans. The helpful office staff will even walk patients through the necessary paperwork. The staff also understands that not all of their patients are covered by insurance, which is why this dentist office in Silver Springs, MD offers their own plans.

Patients can choose from four plans tailored to fit everyone’s needs. There is even one that will allow for the addition of family members as needed. Spring Dental Associates believes that everyone should have access to top quality oral health care, and they strive to ensure that it is affordable.

What are their qualifications and level of experience?

It is important that the dentist has the necessary training and experienced needed to treat any oral health problem. Dr. Rezaiyan is an active member of the Academy of General Dentistry, along with the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry. With an undergraduate degree from the University of Maryland and graduating from Howard University Dental School, new and returning patients can rest assured that they are getting the best in oral health care at Spring Dental Associates.

Dr. Rezaiyan and his associates are committed to continuing their education. They are familiar with the latest cutting edge technologies, and are experienced with 21 century dental materials and techniques. It is this dedication to providing the best dental care that has earned them the trust and loyalty of their patients.

Is patient comfort a priority?

It is important for patients to feel comfortable at the dentist. It is already a nerve racking experience for many people, and Spring Dental Associates understands this. The friendly office staff will take the time to greet each patient like family, and every step of the procedure will be clearly explained. Even the waiting and exam rooms have been designed with their patients’ comfort in mind.

Is the office conveniently located?

The dentist office in Silver Springs, MD should be conveniently located. Not only is Spring Dental Associates centrally located, their office hours are designed with their patients’ busy and hectic schedules in mind. The next time a visit to the dentist is needed, schedule an appointment with the friendly personnel at Spring Dental Associates.





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