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FAQs About Emergency Dental Care in Silver Spring, MD

What if I need an emergency dentist in Silver Springs, MD?

Even when patients take excellent care of their teeth and gums, oral health problems can suddenly develop. This doesn’t mean that they have to suffer since they have access to quality emergency dental care in Silver Spring, MD. Dr. Rezaiyan and his team at Spring Dental Associates are committed to ensuring their patient’s oral health, and pleased to be able to provide same day dental care for emergencies. They also know that their patients have concerns about visits to the dentist, which is why they have created this list of their most frequently asked questions.

1. When is emergency dental care necessary in Silver Spring, MD?

In between routine visits to the dentist, patients can suddenly experience pain in their teeth or gums. This can be due to cavities, gingivitis or even teeth shifting over time. Broken or lost teeth can also occur if the patient is in an accident. Whatever the reason for the pain, it is important for residents to seek immediate emergency dental care in Silver Spring, MD.

2. Are emergency dental services covered by insurance?

At Spring Dental Associates, they believe that everyone should have access to quality care, especially in an emergency. The caring staff understands that not everyone has access to dental insurance, and they are here to help. Spring Dental Associates offers affordable in-house insurance plans that can be tailored to fit the patient’s needs. Whether it is an individual, couple or family of three, patients at Spring Dental Associates will be able to get the coverage they need.

3. Can a patient visit the dentist on the same day?

When pain or an accident suddenly occurs, the last thing someone wants to do is wait to see the dentist. This won’t be a problem at Spring Dental Associates. Clients that need emergency dental care in Silver Spring, MD only need to contact the front office before 4 p.m. to be seen that day. Not only will they stay open later during the work week, Spring Dental Associates also sees their patients in need of emergency care on Saturdays.

4. What happens during an emergency visit to the dentist?

Spring Dental Associates understand that patients are often reluctant to visit the dentist, even during an emergency. They strive to treat their clients like family, and help them feel at ease through every stage of the appointment. The treatment methods will vary, according to the needs of the patient, but the experienced dental professionals will clearly explain every step of the process. Whether it is filling a cavity, removing a tooth or taking X-rays, they will make their patients feel relaxed. It is this commitment to their patients’ care and comfort that has helped make Spring Dental Associates one of the premier oral health providers in the area.





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