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FAQs About Emergency Dentist in Takoma Park, MD

When residents need an emergency dentist in Takoma Park, MD they know they can depend on the professionals at Spring Dental Associates. This full-service dentistry practice is proud to be able to provide cutting-edge technologies and treatments to their patients in a comfortable state-of-the-art environment. Dr. Nima Rezalyan and his highly-trained team are committed to providing their clients with the same exceptional care that they give their families. This includes same day service for their patients that need an emergency dentist in Takoma Park, MD.

They are committed to providing their patients with a lifetime of affordable dental care. The friendly office personnel at Spring Dental Associates will help patients fill out the necessary paperwork. Since this dental office does accept most dental insurance plans there are usually very little out of pocket expenses for patients to pay. Spring Dental Associates firmly believes that everyone deserves access to high quality oral health care, which is why they also offer affordable in-house insurance plans. Not only does this provide for general oral health care, but it also covers most emergency services.

Some of the reasons patients might need an emergency dentist in Takoma Park, MD include,

  • Tooth pain
  • Sore or bleeding gums
  • Broken or missing teeth
  • Injuries due to accidents

Ensuring that their patients have access to complete oral health care beyond normal office hours is important to the staff at Spring Dental Associates. They know that tooth and gum pain can happen at any time. They also understand that accidents involving broken or missing teeth seem to happen when the dentist office is closed. Emergency rooms can provide treatment, but it is not always covered under dental insurance plans. This typically results in costly bills that could have been avoided by making an appointment with Spring Dental Associates.

Unlike many of their competitors Spring Dental Associates pledges to see their patients with emergencies that day, though the appointment must be scheduled by a certain time. To ensure that they are always available when needed, Spring Dental Associates will even see emergency patients on Saturdays. It is this commitment to their patients’ oral health that has helped make Spring Dental Associates one of the premier full-service dentistry practices in Maryland.

Accidents are inevitable, and usually happen after the dentist office has closed. The same is also true for sudden tooth and gum pain. While the emergency room is always a viable option it is also expensive, even with insurance. Patients that need an emergency dentist in Takoma Park, MD can also call Spring Dental Associates. Available after hours and on weekends for any of their clients with oral health emergencies, next time there is a dental emergency trust the experts at Spring Dental Associates.





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