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Friendly Family Dentist in Takoma Park, MD

Whether it is routine cleaning, filling a cavity or a cosmetic procedure a family dentist in Takoma Park, MD should be able to meet the needs of their patients. At Spring Dental Associates, patients can rest assured that all their oral health needs will be taken care of. Dr. Rezaiyan and his staff are committed to providing the best dental care possible, and they also understand that their potential clients have plenty of questions about the services they offer. With this in mind, they have taken the time to create this list of their patients most frequently asked questions.

1. What type of services should a family dentist provide for their Takoma Park, MD patients?

A family dentist should be capable of taking care of their patients’ teeth through all life stages. At Spring Dental Associates they are dedicated to providing a lifetime of comprehensive dental care. From children to seniors, Spring Dental Associates will be there every step of the way. Some of the services they provide for their patients include preventative care, dental implants, braces, teeth whitening, and other cosmetic procedures.

2. Should experience be considered when choosing a family dental practice?

The last thing anyone wants is to trust their oral health to a dental practice that isn’t experienced. This won’t be a problem when the family dentist in Takoma Park, MD is Dr. Rezaiyan and his associates. They are dedicated to staying current with the latest procedures and technology so they can continue to provide their patients with comprehensive dental care.

3. Why is it important to have a family dentist?

There are several reasons why having a family dentist is important. Tooth decay, gum disease and other problems will develop, and this can impact every aspect of a person’s health. A family dentist can provide Takoma Park, MD residents with the oral health care they need, from their first adult teeth till their “golden” years. They will remind their patients when it is time to come in for a routine cleaning, and provide treatment for any problem as needed. Simply having a family dentist can help protect everyone’s oral health.

4. Are family dentists expensive?

Health care can be expensive, depending on several factors. This can also be true when it comes to finding a family dentist. The team at Spring Dental Associates believe that everyone is entitled to quality oral health care, and offer in-house financing to their patients without insurance. Spring Dental Associates holds true to its promise to treat every patient like they were members of their family.

When it’s time to choose a family dentist, trust the experienced professionals at Spring Dental Associates to take care of everyone’s oral health needs.





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