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Invisalign in Silver Spring, MD

The days are of wearing metal braces and retainers are over, and this is great news for anyone looking to straighten their teeth. The new method is to use Invisalign liners and Silver Spring, MD residents are taking advantage of this simple procedure. The inserts are constructed from a safe, durable plastic, and since they are clear the liners are practically invisible. This makes Invisalign a great choice for older adults. Now they can safely and effectively straighten their teeth without the embarrassment of wearing braces.

Trusted Invisalign Specialist in Silver Spring, MD

When it is time for invisible braces such as Invisalign, residents in Silver Spring, MD know where to go. Spring Dental Associates is committed to serving the community and this means meeting all of their patients oral health needs. They have the skill and experience needed to perform a variety of dental procedures, including the placement of Invisalign liners. The friendly staff will carefully evaluate each patient’s individual problem and discuss the options that will work best for them. They are dedicated to providing their patients with the same level of high quality service that they show their family, and to becoming the premier dentistry office in the area.

Spring Dental Associates is led by Dr. Nima Rezaiyan. He is passionate about seeing to the comfort of his patients and has worked to create an office setting that is warm and inviting. He and his staff believe that when their patients are relaxed and comfortable the experience is more pleasant for everyone. Dr. Rezaiyan and his team are also familiar with new technologies and materials, and skilled at the latest procedures. This commitment to continual learning has made them the top choice for Invisalign procedures in Silver Spring, MD.

With Invisalign liners Silver Spring, MD patients do not have to worry about

• Embarrassing metal • Painful wires • Frustrating adjustments • Tightening wires

Instead of having to experience all of the pain and discomfort that comes with wearing braces, Invisalign liners are comfortable to wear. The liners are custom made to fit each patient’s mouth perfectly. Since there are not any hard edges on the smooth plastic material the liners won’t cause tiny painful cuts. Invisalign liners are also completely clear so there won’t be any embarrassing stares. With all of these advantages and the ability to safely and effectively straighten teeth, it is easy to see why Invisalign is now the top choice for teeth straightening.

When it is time to straighten teeth and have an even smile, Spring Dental Assistants are ready to help. Their skill and experience with Invisalign products and their advanced training makes Spring Dental Assistants well qualified to perform any procedure that will give their patients a straight and beautiful smile.





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