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Invisalign in Takoma Park, MD

Invisalign in Takoma Park, MD, is the new way for teens and adults to straighten their teeth and correct certain bite issues. Just like standard braces, they work by gradually shifting teeth into a more aligned state. The result is straight even teeth and an attractive smile.

Here are five ways that Invisalign is helping people straighten their teeth comfortably and unselfconsciously.

Invisalign Looks More Attractive

Adults especially prefer Invisalign because it is almost undetectable. They feel more comfortable on the job and meeting clients without traditional wire braces on their teeth.

When a person with traditional braces smiles, people see a mouthful of metal. When a person with Invisalign in Takoma Park, MD, smiles, people see an attractive, everyday smile. These devices are hardly noticeable.

Invisalign Is Comfortable

Invisalign in Takoma Park, MD, can be removed for eating, brushing and flossing. Standard braces are wired and bonded onto the teeth, so they stay in place during the entire teeth straightening period, months and even years.

Invisalign is made of smooth, comfortable plastic. Metal braces are made of wire and metal, which can poke and irritate gums and cheeks.

Invisalign Is Safe

The metal and wire on standard braces can scratch the inside of the mouth and even cause punctures. They can irritate gums and the interior parts of the mouth.

Invisalign’s plastic is smooth so it fits easily inot the mouth. It does not cause scratches or irritation. The plastic is completely safe for the mouth. It does not contain Bisphenol-A or phthalate plasticizers. The material is UPS Class VI polyurethane resins, which are medical-grade. Tests have shown that they are safe for wearing in the mouth.

Standard braces can cause demineralization of teeth, and contribute to decay. Invisalign does not contribute to gum disease or cavities.

The dentist must use a good bit of force when he tightens metal braces. With Invisalign, on the other hand, there is no force used.

Invisalign Treatment Times Can Be Shorter

It is common for people wearing metal braces to undergo treatment for several years. With Invisalign in Takoma Park, MD, the work is usually accomplished in 12 to 18 months.

Invisalign Is Computer Planned

When a person uses Invisalign, he knows exactly how long he will wear them. The entire process is planned using a computer. Metal braces, on the other hand, use trial and error, making it very difficult to predict when the work will be accomplished.

Trust Your Teeth to the Straightening Experts

Spring Dental Associates is known for using cutting edge equipment and techniques to deliver the best dental care possible to their patients. That’s why they often recommend Invisalign for teeth straightening and bite issues.

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