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Teeth Cleaning in Silver Spring, MD

Having teeth cleaned regularly is important for good oral health. It is also necessary for a brilliantly white smile. Even though there are cosmetic procedures that can improve a smile’s appearance, they will not keep teeth and gums healthy. Spring Dental Associates know how important regular teeth cleaning is for their Silver Springs, MD patients’ oral health. They also understand that a trip to the dentist can be frightening, which is why they have put together this list of their patients most frequently asked questions.

1. Does experience matter when choosing a dentist?

A person’s oral health is important, and it can be protected with regular visits to the dentist office. Cavities and gingivitis can be prevented with routine teeth cleaning in Silver Springs MD, along with other common problems. Though, this is only true if the dentist is experienced. This is what patients get when they schedule an appointment with the professionals at Spring Dental Associates. They are committed to staying current with the latest technologies and treatments, and are proud to be able to offer this to their patients.

2. What should a patient expect during a teeth cleaning in Silver Springs, MD?

The trained dental hygienist will carefully inspect a patient’s teeth and gums during the exam. Plaque and tartar will be scraped away, before each tooth is thoroughly brushed. X-rays of the patient’s mouth might also be taken at this time, though this will depend on a few factors. If any problems or areas of concern are noticed during the routine teeth cleaning the licensed dentist will be notified immediately. Dr. Rezaiyan will carefully discuss the patient’s options before deciding on an effective treatment plan.

3. Is it painful to have teeth cleaned by a licensed dentist?

Spring Dental Associates understands that a visit to the dentist can make some of their patients a little nervous. They strive to make their patients feel welcome and at home, and they will take the time to explain every step of the procedure. The sound of plaque and tartar being scrapped off the teeth can be unsettling, and the licensed hygienist will warn patients before starting. They will show the same consideration before starting any part of the procedure to ensure their patients are relaxed and comfortable as possible. It is this commitment to their patients’ oral health and comfort that has helped make them one of the premier dentistry offices in the area.

4. Is it expensive to have teeth cleaned?

Since Spring Dental Associates accepts most forms of insurance, and offer in-house plans, residents are often surprised at how affordable regular teeth cleaning in Silver Springs, MD can be. With insurance options tailored to fit almost anyone, Spring Dental Associates makes it possible for everyone to keep up with their oral health.





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