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Teeth Whitening in Silver Spring, MD

It is hard to feel truly confident without a bright white smile, and it can be difficult to achieve one. There are several teeth whitening products Silver Spring, MD residents can take advantage of, but most of them do not produce any noticeable results. There are also several procedures that promise to whiten teeth by several shades, but it is not always easy to tell which ones are safe. Tooth enamel can be eroded and gums painfully irritated, which is why when teeth need whitening in Silver Spring, MD residents are glad that they know exactly where to go.

Top Rated Silver Spring, MD Professional Teeth Whitening

Spring Dental Associates strive to provide the same high level of care to all of their patients that they show to their family. They are committed to serving the community, and this means meeting all of their dental needs. Whether it is a cavity filled, root canal or teeth safely whitened, the team at Spring Dental Associates is more than qualified to perform the necessary procedure.

The staff is led by Dr. Nima Rezaiyan who is committed to seeing to his patients’ oral health in a warm and comfortable environment. He passionately believes that when his patients are relaxed and comfortable the experience is better for everyone. He instills this same belief in his personnel and they strive to treat each patient like family. Dr. Rezaiyan and Spring Dental Associates are familiar with a range of procedures, and continue to stay current with the latest materials and technology. This includes the newest advances in teeth whitening so Silver Spring, MD residents can rest assured that they are in good hands when they choose Spring Dental Associates.

Deciding to have a teeth whitening procedure performed often occurs to Silver Spring, MD residents as they age. Growing older can result in tooth discoloration, and many people find that it is the perfect time to get their smile professionally whitened.

Other causes of tooth discoloration requiring professional teeth whitening include,

  • Exposure to coffee, tea and dark colored sodas
  • Smoking
  • Red wine
  • Certain antibiotics

Simply by scheduling an appointment with Spring Dental Associates can have Silver Spring, MD residents proudly smiling. They are familiar with all of the latest techniques and will help their patients select the procedure that will produce the best results. They will carefully go over each option so their patient feels confident in their decision.

Their commitment to excellence has made Spring Dental Associates one of the premier dental offices in the community. Using the latest in cosmetic and restorative technology Spring Dental Associates can give most of their patients a bright white healthy smile in less than a year.





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