What Does Professional Teeth Whitening Treatments Entail in Silver Spring, MD?

Professional teeth whitening by Dr. Rezaiyan at Spring Dental Associates is one of the most popular cosmetic dental treatments he offers his dental patients in Silver Spring, MD. The use of a comparatively high concentration of bleaching gel is carefully monitored, unlike in-home use systems which use low-dose bleaching gel that are unsupervised.

The most significant benefit to in-office professional teeth whitening treatments in Silver Spring, MD is the immediate results. A professional teeth whitening treatment entails the following—

  1. The gums are first protected against irritation from the bleaching gel with a paint-on rubber dam.
  2. The bleaching gel which contains hydrogen peroxide is then applied to the teeth and left on for about 15-30 minutes.
  3. Afterwards, the bleaching gel is then suctioned and washed off.
  4. Repeatedly, fresh gel is applied and removed for one or more further 15-30 minutes treatments.
  5. Depending on the professional teeth whitening treatment used by your dentist in Silver Spring, MD, some entail having a light focused on the teeth to activate the bleaching process.
  6. In between each application of the bleaching gel, your Silver Spring, MD dentist will closely monitor your teeth to see whether another application is necessary.
  7. Once the final application has been applied and set for the correct amount of time necessary, you will need to rinse your mouth. Your Silver Spring, MD dentist will then measure the shade variation of your teeth. The shade difference that professional teeth whitening can bring can be anywhere from two to three shades whiter up till eight shades whiter.

The actual color shade will not be revealed for several days. Because of dehydration, which is part of the professional teeth whitening effect during the bleaching process, your teeth will look someone whiter immediately after the procedure.

After the professional teeth whitening, Dr. Rezaiyan at Spring Dental Associates in Silver Spring, MD will examine your teeth. If the acceptable level of professional teeth whitening has not been accomplished, he might recommend either a follow-up for another in-office bleaching at Spring Dental Associates in or custom fitted take-home bleaching trays which are designed just for you to use at your Silver Spring, MD home.