How an Affordable Dentist Has Become More Reasonable in Silver Spring, MD

Spring Dental Associates, a top-rated affordable dentist in Silver Spring, MD has an array of options to help their patients afford premium dental care. More dentists are now offering different payment methods, some which can save you on dental procedure costs, including:

In-House Affordable Dental Plans

Affordable Dental Plans are offered by most affordable dentist offices in Silver Spring, MD and must be used at the same office. Most Affordable Dental Plans offer an Individual, Couple, Family of 3, and an Additional Family Members plan which addresses most family’s situations and includes:

  1. Administrative and Out-Of-Pocket Benefits
    • There are no annual maximums.
    • There is no deductible.
    • There are no claims to submit.
    • There are no preauthorizations required.
    • There are not limitations or pre-existing conditions.
    • There is no waiting time before you can schedule your appointments.
  2. Services Covered 100%
    • Comprehensive new patient dental examination
    • Two routine annual dental examination
    • Two sets of bitewing x-rays per year
    • All other x-rays as needed
    • Two emergency exams as necessary
    • Two annual dental cleanings
    • Two annual fluoride treatments
  3. Procedures Eligible for up to a 25% Discount
    • Fillings
    • Crown and Bridges
    • Root canals
    • Dentures or partials
    • Dental Implants
    • Invisalign
    • Cosmetic Surgery

Insurance and Financing

Affordable dentists in Silver Spring, MD work with dental insurance plans and dental financing companies to give you the best affordable dentistry possible so that you and your family will never have to sacrifice their smile because of unaffordable dental care. Check with your affordable dentist to see which insurance they accept.

Most all affordable dentists in Silver Spring, MD offer affordable dentistry financing including Credit Care. Credit care is a convenient credit card for healthcare that helps you pay for dental procedures that may not be covered by your insurance or if you have no insurance. This credit card may be used again and again for dental services or for other healthcare providers including veterinarians, optometrists, ophthalmologists, audiologists and hearing specialists.

Whatever dental procedure you require, emergency dental work, oral surgery, a crown or just a routine check-up, you can depend on Care Credit to cover your healthcare expenses. Credit Care is subject to credit approval and requires a minimum monthly payment.