What Constitutes For an Emergency Dentist Visit in Silver Spring, MD?

Having an emergency dentist that you can depend on in Silver Spring, MD is important for you and your family. Even though you may visit your dentist twice a year for your dental checkups and cleanings, you also want to know that your dentist can handle emergency visits as well. Dr. Rezaiyan at Spring Dental Associates in Silver Spring, MD has office hours that accommodate most of their patient’s schedule and also same day emergency visits.

A Silver Spring, MD emergency dentist should be able to provide the following dental emergencies:

A knocked-out tooth requires urgent attention to be able to save the tooth. If the appropriate steps are followed as soon as the tooth is knocked out, the chances are very good that the tooth can be reinserted and persevered by your emergency dentist in Silver Spring, MD.

  • Do not touch the root of the tooth. Pick up the tooth up by the crown, the top of the tooth.
  • Rinse off the tooth gently, so it is clean. Do not scrub or remove any tissue that is still attached to your tooth. When rinsing make sure to place a towel or wash rag in the sink, so you don’t lose the tooth down the drain.
  • If possible, place the tooth back into the socket and bite down. If not possible, place the tooth in a cup of milk, or a small container if milk isn’t available.
  • Call your emergency dentist in Silver Spring, MD immediately so you can get an appointment.

A chipped tooth that is not hurting or swelling doesn’t constitute for an emergency dentist. These accidental dental mishaps can wait a few days until your dentist in Silver Springs, MD can see you. Your dentist may be able to smooth out the chip or add composite filling to repair the tooth.

A cracked or fractured tooth is a serious problem and does constitute an emergency visit to your dentist in Silver Spring, MD. Call your emergency dentist immediately and follow these steps:

  • Gently rinse your mouth with warm water.
  • If you experienced a facial trauma, apply a cold compress to the area to minimize swelling.

If the pulp of the tooth is damaged, you might need a root canal, or if not, you may only need a crown. Depending on the emergency dentist you go to and rather he has a lab to make your crown, you might have to wear a temporary crown until the lab can make you a permanent crown.

If the tooth can’t be saved, the emergency dentist will suggest options to replace the tooth such as a dental implant or a bridge.

For all your preventive dental care and emergency needs, call Dr. Rezaiyan at Spring Dental Associates in Silver Spring, MD.