Prevent Diseases with Regular Visits to Your Dentist Near Takoma Park, MD

Regular dentist visits near Takoma Park, MD with Dr. Rezaiyan at Spring Dental Associates help to decrease your risk of oral diseases including cavities, and periodontal (gum) disease but also helps to diagnose other possible life-threatening, medical conditions.

Diabetes—Patients who have diabetes are more prone to infection because this disease reduces your body’s resistance to infection. Visit your Takoma Park, MD dentist regularly to remove plaque and prevent gingivitis.

Oral Cancer—There are approximately 35,000 new oral cancer cases reported annually in the United States. It is one of the most common types of cancer. Signs of oral cancer may include bleeding sores, lumps or thick hard spots. Your dentist near Takoma Park, MD will check for signs of oral cancer at your regular checkups by feeling for lumps or irregular tissue changes in your neck, head, cheeks, and oral cavity. He will thoroughly examine the soft tissue in your mouth looking for any sores or discolored tissue. If you notice any abnormalities in your mouth, you should see your Takoma Park, MD dentist immediately.

Eating Disorders—Anorexia nervosa and bulimia nervosa are eating disorders that can rob your body of needed vitamins and minerals, and without the proper nutrition, your gums can lose their healthy pink color becoming soft and tender and can start bleeding easily.

Your dentist near Takoma Park, MD should be able to detect disorders that involve excessive vomiting, such as bulimia, because it causes a discoloration and erosion to the teeth from them coming in contact with acid from the stomach. Eating disorders also cause dry mouth, sensitive teeth, swollen salivary glands and tooth enamel loss.

You should visit your dentist at Spring Dental Associates, Dr. Rezaiyan, near Takoma Park, MD twice a year for your biannual dental check-ups and inform him about any and all medical conditions and medicines that might affect your oral health. To maintain a healthy body, you must also take care of your oral health. Some diseases have an impact on your oral health so you are at a greater risk for oral health issues so it is imperitive that you see your dentist regularly.

Remember: Early detection offers you the best chance possible to improve and recover from the condition at hand. Always keep your dentist informed of any changes to your mouth, gums, and teeth.