How a Dentist in Silver Spring, MD Prevents Enamel Loss

Soda is the number one public enemy when it comes to dental enamel erosion according to Dr. Rezaiyan, a dentist at Spring Dental Associates in Silver Spring, MD. Enamel loss is a common and often painful condition that starts as a simple annoyance and can grow into a serious dental problem. Your tooth enamel gets worn down by some of the acidic foods and drinks you consume including soda and other sugary beverages.

There are a number of ways in which the mouth produces acid. The most common are from the food you eat, but other contributors to acid production in the mouth include:

• Dry mouth
• Acid reflux
• Low salivary flow
• Acidic medicines including aspirin or antihistamines
• Genetics
• Teeth grinding (Bruxism)
• Gastrointestinal (GI) tract issues

The way you brush your teeth can also result in enamel loss. If you brush too hard or too much, you can wear away the enamel on your teeth. Your dentist, Dr. Rezaiyan and his staff at Spring Dental Associates in Silver Spring, MD will instruct you on how to better brush your teeth if they notice any tooth erosion starting to form.

Genes play an important part in the health of Silver Spring, MD patient’s teeth. If you have a stronger genetic sweet preference, you are at risk for tooth decay. Some people in Silver Spring, MD just have softer tooth enamel than others which can lead to cavities so not all enamel loss is preventable. Weak enamel can also be caused in utero. Rather it is from poor nutritional habits during a mother’s pregnancy or for other reasons, some babies do not form strong teeth.

If you are noticing any signs of enamel loss, you will want to call your local dentist in Silver Spring, MD. The dentist can recommend treatments to your specific problem so that you can prevent further tooth erosion. Your dentist in Silver Springs, MD may recommend tooth bonding or a tooth crown to repair any current enamel loss. Call and make an appointment with Dr. Rezaiyan, the dentist at Spring Dental Associates in Silver Spring, MD.